Skills Practice

National Registry Skills Practice

This is a candidate option and he/she may practice all of the skills at his/her level prior to the Practical Exam.  This is a one day process and the cost is $120.00.

Skills Proficiency

Skills Proficiency Verification

This procedure is a TEXAS requirement and must be completed when:

An individual’s certification has expired.  This person has 12 months to complete all required CE and complete Skills Proficiency Verification at his/her level of certification.  THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH NATIONAL REGISTRY REQUIREMENTS.

For ECA and EMT this is an 8 hour day for practice and testing and the fee is $300.00 For EMT/I and EMT/P this is two 8 hour days for the practice and testing and the fee is $450.00.

Skills Remediation


AEMT & Paramedic $450.00

Please contact office to schedule your skills. 281-542-5151 x 100